The FLC Campus: Through the eyes of an FLC grad...

Fort Lewis College is a liberal arts college located on the border of desert and mountains in southwestern Colorado town of Durango.  It started out as a Native American boarding school eventually becoming a college open to everyone.  When they opened it up to everyone, it was under the stipulation that Native Americans could always go there for free.  Because of that, it is a very diverse campus both religiously and culturally.

There are many different influences that come into play religiously.  Just like the town of Durango, it is a very new age campus pulling beliefs from traditional native american beliefs to buddhism to wiccan to satanism to evolution to christianity and everything in between.  It is not uncommon to stumble across satanic animal sacrifices and ritual areas in the hills very near campus.

The college is also a very big party school with alcohol and even hard drugs very easy and cheap to come by.  With that, drunk driving and suicide is a big problem for the area.  Studies have shown that the area is rated high for those things not just in Colorado but also nationwide.  Durango also has had a higher crime rate per capita than New York City in the recent past as highlighted by the Durango Herald, the local newspaper.

On a lighter note, the area is also one of the outdoor sports capitals of the nation.  This is a huge draw for students.  They have everything from mountain/road biking to hiking, from rafting/kayaking to rock climbing, from skiing/snowboarding to anything else you can think of doing outdoors.  This can also cause problems though in that they are huge distractions from actually going to class...or studying.  Many Fort Lewis students take a bit...or a lot more time than the normal four year college plan to get their degree if they get them at all.

All in all, FLC is a good school but there are a lot of pitfalls the students have to be careful of.  It's extremely easy for even the best of students to get sucked in.  It really highlights the great need of Christ on campus and leaders willing to spread His Gospel there.

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