Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christian Challenge Christmas Update 2017!

Merry Christmas! The fall semester is now over. We met up with our last students just the other day, and we managed to squeeze in a much needed date hiking up to frozen Spud Lake afterwards.

Starting off, I just wanted to thank you for another year partnering with us at Fort Lewis College. We would not be here without you and are thankful that you are part of the team. And just a reminder, if you were wanting to do end of the year giving for tax purposes, there is still time.  You can do that here: Give Now.

Some highlights of the later part of this fall semester:

Over Thanksgiving Break, we sent a group down to Houston to help out with flood recovery. They were able to work on a family's house that lost almost everything in the flooding.

We also had some students decide to travel to Juarez to help out at a school run by missionaries our ministry has been partnering with for years.

You may remember a student named Tate. He was an atheist student who came to Christian Challenge at the beginning of 2017. The next contact we had with him was when he joined our Juarez, Mexico spring break mission trip. He’s always had a huge heart to serve the poorest of the poor, a fingerprint of God’s heart. After that trip, CC became his family. He started coming to everything. He always had really good questions and was curious about what we believed. I’m excited to share with you all that Tate gave his life to Christ! He was baptized in the cold river after he shared what Christ had done in his heart.

Having seen God working in Tate's life over the past year, it was great to see him come to Jesus and get baptized. We're excited to see where the Lord is going to take him and use him going forward.

Another highlight is a student we will call N. She is an exchange student from Japan here for just one year. She got connected to us from the very beginning and was interested in reading the Bible. Not even a month into the school year, she was wanting to believe in and follow Jesus but could not imagine having to tell her family and friends back home. Some time went by and she got to talk with Rikako, one of the Japanese from last year that became a believer and has gone back to Japan with a non-believing family. N has chosen to believe and follow Jesus! We rejoice with heaven!

Please be praying for her! As she was deciding to get baptized, she wanted to tell her family first and the response was not good. She began receiving hurtful messages from back home. How her grandpa did not want to see her ever again. How her family did not send her to America to become a Christian, etc. She chose to not be baptized yet and was distraught by her family's reaction. However, she still believes and wants to follow Jesus her whole life.

Please be praying for Tate and Nana! Also for L and Y, as they are very interested in Christ and asking good questions.

Thank you again for partnering with us to make it possible to be here! College students are at a stage in life where they are a lot more open to Christ, as they are away from home and figuring out for themselves what they believe. As always, it’s an honor to be able to be at Fort Lewis College and serve the Lord there.

We cannot thank each one of you enough for your constant prayers and financial giving!
If you feel led to give a one time donation before the end of the year, or want to join our monthly support team, please go to:

Cheers and God Bless,
Mike and Rachel


Prayer Requests/Updates:
1. We picked up a cat from the shelter just after Thanksgiving. Snowie is 4.5 months old and loves hunting and cuddles. We hope this will solve the mouse problem in our cabin. She has heard the mice in the walls. She paws at them and causes them to scurry.

2. Praise: God provided a snow blower so when the snow flies this year, it will not take four hours to clear our driveway! God also provided a 150 gallon water tank so we can haul some of our own water when needed this winter season...which may be a lot with as dry as it's been.

3. We had a crew come out and check the sewage smell we were having in the house. Some measures were taken to see if that would work and I’m happy to report 90% of the time, all is well. It is only when the house and outside temperature hits a certain point that the smell returns. It's typically at night not long after the sun goes down. Our next step is trying to smoke out a possible leak in our venting system.

4. Thank you for joining us in prayer for the summer 2018 mission trip possibilities. After much prayer, we feel like God is calling us back to Peru. We were both accepted onto the mission trip, August 3rd-17th. We will be returning to the Huayhuash where Mike’s first trip was. On this trip, we’ve got one student so far, who came with us on last summer's trip, and a handful of others interested. We are just waiting to see how big the team can be.

5. Over Thanksgiving while some of our students were in Juarez at the school down there, tragedy struck one of the local families involved with the school. While the parents were away at work, someone entered their home, raped the girls of the family, and killed one of them. The girls were all students at the school. Please be praying for the family, the school, and our students as they deal with such a terrible tragedy.

6. We are taking students again to Life Impact, a conference in Colorado Springs, just after the new year. It always has great growth and impact on the students that go with us. Due to that, there is always a lot of spiritual warfare that surrounds the event before and after. Pray that God would protect us and our students from that.

7. Needs: Having our propane refilled ($600), funding for the Peru mission trip and/or American Airline frequent flyer miles to help get us there. We trust God to provide for us and the ministry but we'd appreciate you praying as well that the funding needs would be met. If you would like to give for the on-going ministry happening at Fort Lewis, please go to: 
Give Now.