Monday, January 30, 2017

Attack of the News Media and Social Media

I had hoped that the false narratives, fearmongering, bullying, hate, and extremely divisive rhetoric would end on both political sides with the election over. But sadly, it is only getting worse and the dire consequences of it will be very real.

Manipulation, disinformation, false context, hypocrisy, and flat out lying is what the news media and social media now thrive on. The news media driven no longer by truth but by political agenda is now feeding social media.

So let's step back and take a deep breath. Look at issues from as many angles as you can to get better perspective. We as the people of this nation often struggle to see the big picture. We tend to not see the forest for the trees. We've stopped thinking critically in many instances only to follow herd (or mob) mentality. Social media makes that mentality spread like wildfire. And really, this is not just an American problem but a human problem worldwide if you study history and what's going on elsewhere in the world right now.

There are many politicians who think the American people are stupid. They think the American people are easily manipulated and use that to their advantage.

Prove them wrong and figure out where you may be getting played. Truly examine your thoughts and investigate if you might be getting manipulated. Always stand up for what God says is right but also know the devil is waiting and scheming ways to take advantage of that goodness in order to divide us and destroy us. He strives to pervert all that is good. He preys not only on our weaknesses but also our strengths.

So be on guard. This isn't a game. Don't underestimate the situation. The devil wars against us and against this nation. There is a reason why God tells us to put on spiritual armor. We are to guard ourselves...while at the same time loving the way God does. It's not one or the other but both at the same time. It takes effort and much prayer but it's worth it. The future of this nation and our own futures depend on it.