Friday, July 8, 2016

Responding to Recent Violence

As I currently watch the shooting of police officers unfold on CNN, I'm heartbroken.  At this point, there is so little known yet.  What we know is that there is still a shooter at large.  We know there are five cops dead.  There may be more.  There were people just like you and me...and now they are gone.

It's something that leaves you speechless, yet also leaves so many thoughts running thru the head.  It's just hard to put those thoughts into words.  I've tried to organize my thoughts into something that makes sense in the senseless violence.  The following is just a little sample of that:

All human life matters.  It is sickening to see life taken from the innocent.  These issues run much deeper than guns or race or whatever other surface things you want to blame.  They are not the root of the problem.  This is a heart issue.  If you study human history, it's nothing new for this world.  When we walk away from morality, we lose the ability to recognize what is right and wrong.  Instead of our desires conforming to what is right, we conform what is right to our own desires.  As an extremely imperfect people, that is a very dangerous place to be.  It's a place where life can easily be devalued and discarded.