Sunday, August 31, 2014

Christian Challenge Late Aug./Early Sept. Update 2014!

Hello Team! Sorry for the delay in updates. We’ve been trying to switch over our updates to Mail Chimp but are having a lot of technical difficulties in the process. It was supposed to be a much easier system to use but we haven’t seen that so far. So for now, Mail Chimp will have to wait.

Anyway, we are already deep into ministry. It’s going fantastic. We have certainly had our bumps so far like Josh taking a fall, getting a concussion, and having to go to the ER the night before the new semester’s craziness began. Thankfully, he is good now and the rest of the team seems to be healthy. This is the first time we haven’t had anything major health-wise or family-wise happen during the first of the semester. We are praising God for that and praying it continues!

So far, we feel like we are having the most successful semester ever. We have had to change our strategy quite a bit to meet freshmen with the campus not allowing ministries to help out with the freshmen move-in. Instead of moving people in, we focussed on prayer walking around campus and getting up flyers wherever we could.

We also held tables at Walmart and the visitor’s center in town to meet freshmen. These, though, weren’t as successful as we had hoped. We at least tried and can learn from it for next year. We held a table on campus also during freshmen orientation last week which was much more successful. Normally, parents get excited but their student maybe not so much. This year, we had less parents but a ton of freshmen coming up on their own interested.

Saturday night, we held our international dinner. We had over half of the Japanese students come. It was great to see and connect with them. Sunday, we had our block party on campus. We served up 60 large pizzas to the students who came. Our numbers were down from last year due to there being something like 400 less freshmen this year but we ended up making more contacts this year than ever before. We’re stoked for that and praise God for it! We just pray that those contacts turn out to be fruitful.

Now onto prayer requests and upcoming events:

-Tuesday nights, we have our conversational English class called Exchange at 5 p.m. We have Christian Challenge on campus for the first time at 7 p.m. We really don’t know how that will affect things moving it from in town to campus but with the extremely close proximity to the dorms, we hope it will help bring in more students.

-Wednesdays, we’ll be having Commuter Christian Challenge during the day on campus for those who commute to campus and can’t make it to night stuff.

-This Thursday, we have another table for the club fair.

-On Thursday nights at leaders’ houses, we’ll have our family dinners where we feed students dinner.

-Event-wise this month, we have our night hike, rafting trip, fall retreat, camp/climb, and many other things.

-Pray for open hearts, for many to join us prayerfully and financially to bring the Gospel to Fort Lewis.

-Pray that we can raise a bigger ministry budget.

-Pray that God would continue growing us closer to Him and help us not neglect our first ministry; our marriage.

Thank you for joining with us to reach Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO! -Cheers and God Bless, Mike & Rachel

Saturday, August 30, 2014

C4C Mission: Peru 2014 Video...Version 1

Here is the video I put together from the Peru mission trip. This is the first version I was able to put together. Another version will be coming soon. I recommend viewing it in full-screen if you can. Check it out and remember to keep praying for the people of Peru!