Monday, December 30, 2013

Christian Challenge Christmas Update 2013!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Ours was nice and relaxing. It was a good change of pace from how crazy this past semester has been.

The semester started off with us not being allowed to move freshmen in but God still brought us one of the best starts of the semester we have ever seen. It started off big and we were excited for the students God brought our direction to disciple and encourage.

We look forward to what God is going to do this next semester. Our first FCA will be January 13th. Christian Challenge will follow on the 14th. Then the 17th, my good friend, Jimmy Arcisz, will be bringing out his ministry to team up with us and perform a Philippines disaster relief benefit concert at the chapel on campus. This will go to rebuilding after the typhoon.

It’s going to be an exciting first month of the semester! Thanks for making it possible with your support! Merry Christmas, Mike and Rachel


• For Rachel, Randi, and myself as we will be leading the ministry for the first month while Josh and Jennifer take some time to heal after a very stressful past year with his heart surgery and the death of Jennifer’s brother.
• For our support: We are slowly getting closer to the goal but still have a ways to go.
• For our students: that God would continue growing them and that the Holy Spirit would be working on their hearts.


• Help cook on a Tuesday night anytime Jan-April for 25 or so students. Let us know if this interests you.
• We have weekend events planned this semester: Come join us and help out. We can send you a list of future events.
• Become a host family for our international students. This is like adopt-a-college-student programs many churches run.
• Support...there’s still time to give an end of the year or beginning of the year gift. Your support makes the ministry we do possible. giving-options.html