Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christian Challenge November 2013 Update!

Hey team! Hope everyone is doing well and had a great Thanksgiving! November has been a busy month for us and really flown by. It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner.

Our team has been battling sickness this past month. Josh has been sick with the flu, then with strep two weeks later which hospitalized him. In between his sickness, I ate some, meaning maybe five or six, Heath Bar gluten-free cookies and had a severe allergic reaction to the finely-ground almonds in them which nearly hospitalized me. I could barely eat any food for about a week which was certainly no fun.

After that, we did a quick weekend up to Fort Collins, CO for a wedding I was in for a friend who had been in the former college group I helped lead. It was great to see a lot of old friends from that group at the wedding and see how the Lord was working in their lives.

After getting back from that quick trip, Meagan, who went on the Philippines trip, provided us with one of the highlights of the month. She was able to give her testimony of the mission trip at FCA. That night, we had one of our biggest crowds of the year and almost every student-athlete there took info on the mission trips we have going out this summer. It was awesome to see Meagan’s passion for missions after the trip and how it was now rubbing off on other students.

Another highlight of the month was our guys retreat. Our focus was looking at what it meant to be a real man of God. Though the snowy weather certainly changed our plans a bit, it was an amazing retreat where I really think light bulbs went on for some of the guys. It was very cool to see.

At Christian Challenge, we were able to do a night focused on Operation Christmas Child. We took students to the store where we filled up nearly 40 shoeboxes for underprivileged children. It was great to see our students so excited about helping others.

Toward the end of the month, I was asked to write an article for the international publication, The Climbing Way, a magazine produced by Climbing for Christ. As someone who loves to write, it was very exciting for me. The article is on why college is a great time for people to get involved in missions. I’ll make sure I post it to our website soon.

This month, though it’s been a bit tough building consistency with the students we disciple due to being sick and the holiday, we’ve seen good growth with the students we’ve been able to meet with. It’s exciting to see God work in our students’ lives!

Prayer Requests:
• For our team’s health. It’s that time of the year again where our students get sick and generously pass it on to us.
• For the FLC students, that the Holy Spirit would be working on their hearts.
• That God would continue growing us closer to Him and help us not neglect our first ministry; our marriage.
• For open hearts, for many to join us prayerfully and financially, to bring the Gospel to Fort Lewis. If the Lord is leading you to give, please go to:

Thank you for joining with us to reach Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO! -Cheers and God Bless, Mike & Rachel