Friday, October 12, 2012

"I'm a Christian...Judge me." Project

So not too long ago, we decided to do a project on campus. We sent our students out on campus equipped with a camcorder to ask people what they think of Christians. The video is a compilation of what they came back with. (Warning: Some of the language used may be offensive to some.)

We then showed the video at our Dinner and Discussion. We talked about the video for awhile bringing up points that were mentioned and then looked at what the Bible says about how a Christian should carry themselves by looking at the fruits of the Spirit. Needless to say, how Christians are viewed and perceived doesn't always line up with how the Bible calls us to live.  As Christians, we are Christ's ambassadors to this world.  Most of the time, people's views of Christ come from how they see Christians live.  How are we representing Christ to those around us?

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