Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Retreat Video!

First Two Weeks Update

Hello Everyone!!
It has only been two weeks since school has started but so much has gone on that it feels like a month already. It has been amazing to see what God is doing already. He is bringing many students our way. He is also preparing returning students from last year as they step into leadership roles. So much happens in these first couple of weeks I wanted to send an e-mail out, I could not wait until October's newsletter.
Tuesday August 21st: We held a "Welcome Back!" luau for returning students at Josh & Jennifer's. It was a time to reconnect as well as pray for the upcoming freshman and school year. We had 10 students. The girl I was blessed to disciple last year is on fire for the Lord and stepping up leadership wise.
Friday the 31st Mike led a night hike up Hogsback here in town. We were expecting 10 students, however 30 showed up! We were excited because 30 chose to come night hike instead of getting sucked into the party scene. They hiked from 8 pm-midnight.
Sunday Sept. 2nd the Lord opened up a door for us to host a BBQ on campus at the quad between all the freshman dorms. They have not allowed a Christian group to do this before, we've been told. Close to 300 students came out for that. Many connections were made.
We had our first ever Fall retreat this past weekend. 16 students came, 8 of which are Japanesse exchange students. We spoke about what the Bible says love is and how that is different than what the world says or even religion. We also had the opportunity to present a Gospel message to all who came. Jennifer purchased Japaneese/English Bibles last year and the students were able to use them throughout the weekend. 3 of them asked to keep them and take them home saying they were interested in learning more. We pray for these students hearts to be receptive to HIM!  It was also so amazing to see all the students connect, love on each other and genuinely enjoy being together. Our goal is to love on students no matter where they are in life and share God's love and truth when opportunities come.
It has been such a great start to the school year!
Prayer Requests:
1. That God's spirit would be moving in the hearts of the Japanese students we have met as well as other students from America. Please lift up students "R", "I", "K" who have showed interest in the Bible and Jesus. As well as "A" & "E".
2. For our support to continue to come in. We are at 23% of what we need overall, we are at 50% of what we need to live in Durango as a couple. We so badly want to be up on campus full time! If you know of anyone that we could talk to, please pass on our information.
3. That we would figure out how to balance everything in life. Support raising, marriage, the ministry, family & friends we have in town, the every day chores around the home
Thank you for partnering with us! We could not do this without you all!! God is answering your prayer!
I have attached a short video Josh Story (our co-worker and director put together from the retreat this past weekend).

Be Blessed,
Mike & Rachel Wall

Late August/Early September Update

Hello team!  We hope everyone had a great summer!  Ours has sure been amazing.  We can’t believe it’s already over.  It’s certainly been a whirlwind for us.  We started out the summer in Colorado Springs speaking at churches and meeting with possible supporters.  We returned to Durango to continue the support raising process meeting with churches in the area and others interested in hearing what we were doing.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Colorado Springs.

After our short detour to Crested Butte where we went camping for our early one-year anniversary, we were off to the Springs for more support appointments.

The following week, we had a discipleship conference in Denver to attend.  Though we definitely had mind-overload during the week as they squeezed a month’s worth of training into four days, we came away with a lot of new tools and great information.  It was pretty awesome.  It’s always encouraging to see how God is multiplying believers across our nation and all over the world.

Next, we were on to Kansas City where we hadn’t actually been able to set up any appointments before we left.  It was truly one of those “have to totally trust God” situations.  He was really going to have to open doors for us appointment wise...and oh yeah, our housing situation was a big question mark as well.  But God came through huge!  God brought amazing friends into our paths that opened their doors to us.  It was amazing to see God provide.  That provision even included getting to see someone tasered by the police.  Long story short, we were staying next to a drug house.  Never a dull moment as a missionary.  I really wish I had the time to tell you all the amazing things He did while we were in KC.  It was amazing to see Him open doors for us with appointments and housing arrangements.  We serve an awesome God!

It’s funny, when we first started with the ministry, I truly looked at support raising as a curse that came with the job.  I was not excited to do it at all.  Talking to people about money freaked me out...and still does...but I now see what a huge blessing it can be as well.  We have been blessed beyond belief by the people God has brought us.  We have been able to reconnect with old friends and meet new friends as well.  Everyone has been so amazing, so encouraging.  What a blessing!

Prayer Requests:

• For the students this fall, that we could meet them as early as possible and get them into the ministry before they get sucked into to the party scene.
• Pray that God would soften their hearts for the Gospel and that the Holy Spirit would convict.
• That we would put on the full armor of God each day so that we are able to stand against the enemy.
• For open hearts for many to join us prayerfully and financially to bring the Gospel to Fort Lewis.
• That God would continue growing us closer to Him and help us not neglect our first ministry; our marriage.

Thank you for joining with us to reach Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO! -Cheers and God Bless, Mike & Rachel