Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Wall's Updated July 2012 Ministry Update

Hello team!  We hope your summer is going well! We can hardly believe it has already been two months since we started support raising. For the remainder of the summer we will be speaking around the Durango area as well as traveling back to the Front Range and on to Missouri to meet with potential financial ministry partners. Mike will also be raft guiding to pull in some extra income. Our goal is to be on campus full time this fall! Be praying that all the funding comes in quickly so that we can join the already growing ministry.  
God continues to grow our faith as He provides in ways only He can. Before we were officially raising support a family friend of ours said, “Hey, I want to support you.” I asked, “Would you like to hear the presentation?” which was answered with a kind “No, I trust you guys.” Every time we start feeling down, God raises up one of His people to walk alongside and encourage us through financial giving or reassuring words. He is paving the way ahead of us, every church we step into we are surrounded by loving people who do not know us but want to join in the ministry! We often times sell God short. We have been encouraged by those who have so little yet give  sacrificially. We are excited by all the hearts God is calling to join us in this ministry. 
We rest assured in  Philippians 4:19 “But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” He has been and will continue to provide for us according to what He knows we need. We have lacked nothing!
This has been a fruitful and busy summer traveling around support raising but we have made time to quiet ourselves before the Lord, keep in touch with students, as well as enjoy God’s beautiful Creation together.
Prayer Requests:
  • For the students this summer, that God would protect them spiritually and physically as well as grow them.
  • That we would put on the full armor of God each day so that we are able to stand against the enemies schemes.
  • For open hearts for many to join us prayerfully and financially to bring the gospel to Fort Lewis.
  • That God would continue growing us closer to Him and help us not neglect our first ministry; our marriage.
Thank you for joining with us to reach Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO! -Cheers and God Bless, Mike & Rachel

Saturday, July 7, 2012


In the words of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, "Oops..."

So it turns out, Rachel and I made a big oops.  Well, it was mostly my big oops since I was the one who wrote it.  Turns out that I put the wrong email in our contact info of some of the "brief overview of the ministry" sheets that we have been handing out.  If some of you have been trying to reach us and the email bounced back to you, now we know why.  Sorry about that.

So just to clear that up, our email is actually

That should definitely work now.  If you have been trying to reach us by email, please resend it to the new email address.  Sorry for the mixup.

Monday, July 2, 2012

C4C Prayer Peaks Day 2012

We had a great time at the Prayer Peaks Day event this past Saturday that Rachel and I put on locally for Climbing for Christ.  Typically with PPD, climbers climb a local mountain and pray over the area they live in.  It started out with climbing fourteeners, peaks above 14,000 in elevation, but has since transitioned into much more.  Now, people climb whatever is nearby.  Some still climb fourteeners, others climb mountains overlooking their town.  I've even heard of folks in Florida climbing the stairwells of the tallest building in their city to pray over it.

This year in Durango, we had to be a bit flexible.  Going in, we didn't know if we would have to move the hike of Hogsback Mountain due to fires in the area.  The day after announcing the hike, a fire erupted a mile or so from the mountain we were going to hike.  That left the hike in limbo.  By the time of the hike, they had that fire mostly under control.  There were still fires a bit to the west, though, which is where winds were forecast to come out of.

The morning of the hike, we arrived at the trailhead to fairly good conditions.  There was only a hint of smoke in the air.  We began our hike of Hogsback only to have to stop due to some feet that had been blistered on a hike earlier in the week.  We decided that the blisters would only get worse and cause more pain with the steeps that lay before us.  With that and the possibility of heavy smoke forecasted to head our way along with some high heat, we decided that a hike just outside of town would have to be put on hold for a different day.  

Instead, we headed up to the campus chapel of Fort Lewis College which is on a mesa top overlooking the town of Durango.  The FLC Chapel is right on the edge of the mesa and had a nice shaded area with benches so that we could worship and pray without overheating.  Arriving there, we could see the smoke plume heading toward town.  The smoke smell was getting stronger.  It was a good reminder to pray for rain and for the firefighters out fighting all the fires outside of town.  After praying for a multitude of prayer requests and needs, we were able to worship overlooking the town.  It was a pretty amazing time.

We finished up the event with a visit to Dairy Queen to cool off from the rising temperatures.  This is becoming tradition, I think, for Prayer Peaks Day in Durango.  It's just too hot this time of year not to eat ice cream as much as possible.  What a great way to finish up an event!

Looking back on the day, it was truly a blessing to be able to pray and worship over a town that has so much need.  Though the Prayer Peaks Day is only one day out of the year, the prayers over the town will continue.  The worship will continue as well because our God meets the needs of those who pray and call out to Him and that is worth praising and celebrating.